Greetings all…….and sundry,

Today was a sailing day out of the box, the right wind strength,  consistent oscillating shifts, not cold and a great course. We can thank the former three on our creator and the latter one on our RO’s Keith and Hugh.

Further to that we emerged with another day of non-violent agitation, but a lack of jocularity in my periphery to report on. However, we must send a barb at someone, so I declare EC12 13 to have the worst sail numbers in CMYC  tsk tsk.

The stand out performance of the day was Dayele with 5 wins, then the other podium finishers, Al and Graeme. The fleet was split into 2 groups and the 2nd group started 50 seconds behind the first lot, during the day Raxy made the comment that our group (1st lot) had all it’s boats of near equal standing, making very close and enjoyable sailing.

Well folks, today was closing day of the 2020-2021 season, so next Saturday we start again with our new 2021-2022 season and the new program and the RO’s are Rodney and Andy and Caper next Saturday.

Now I must close to watch the Olympics.


Tom A  SM

Club Racing 31 7 21