Greetings members,

Todays results leave me scratching my head. When viewed at the club I was second to last, but……..during the drive home miraculously the results have  elevated me to 6th. I have learned not to question good fortune. Now maybe an explanation of the RO system needs edification. Glen had stepped in as a swap assistant RO, but as time passed and no RO appeared I registered as assist RO and Glen stepped up as RO. Then that wonderful Tom Wilda arrived boatless and offered to help, so he inherited assist RO and I was kicked out to sail….thanks Tom and Glen for a good course and fine administration.

During the briefing, the word “oscillating” was mentioned again, which brought a thumbs up from the originator Polly (who was a spectator). The first 4 heats were very shifty but it settled in the latter stages and it was very pleasant sailing. Congratulations to the fleet for fairly good behaviour, and special mentions to the glorious three,  Ralph, Dayele and Bob for ascending the podium.


Tom Arthur SM

P.S. Reminder——next Saturday the RO’s are Keith Drewitt and Hugh Hobden.

Club Racing 24 7 21