Greetings CMYC members,
Attached are the results of yesterdays racing at L. Rua. The day was a little chilly but a nice gentle sailing breeze from the east, and it was a mass start.

The RO was the unflappable Glen Church assisted by me. Now RO’s have nothing to do during the heat but watch the boats, or get into gossip sessions. Far be it from Glen and I to sink to such depravity so the former was our option. In the first heat we saw 3 boats touch marks with no protests hailed and no exonerations taken, so Glen announced we will act as observers for the rest of the heats. Sailors, these rule breaches are always seen by someone, and if you do not exonerate yourself immediately, other sailors will log you in their minds as cheats. Is that what you want?

Glen set a trapezoid course of 2 laps, and the wind stayed steady from the same direction all day, however, a certain unnamed sailor with a red boat with a 0, a 1 and a 3 in it’s number went charging off in the lead for a 3rd lap miles away from the finish line plunging from 1st to a far less salubrious placing, tsk, tsk. Of course Glen took several opportunities thereafter to harry this unnamed sailor on his counting skills.

The outstanding sportsman’s award goes to Dayele because; he was coming to the finish about 3-4 m away, on starboard tack, in 2nd position, when another boat on port tack hit him and they tangled. Dayele finally crossed 10th but he immediately said to the port tacker “not to worry, these things happen all the time”. So, the sailing was had without harsh words by anyone.

The RRS rule I observed most breached was boats insisting on port tack starts against boats sailing down the line on starboard, it makes the starts a harrowing time for the folk observing the rules to be obstructed by port tackers breaching the rules.

L. Rua is becoming more popular with the sailors, the road had been graded, so Cliff didn’t wreck his suspension, even he gave it a thumbs up.

Tom A S.M.

CMYC RACE RESULTS Lake Rua 3 July 2021