Hi all,

Attached are todays results. For those who deserted their hearths, it was a very good days sailing….well behaved too. Interesting on the podium, was Bob Auton in his brand new boat who started on 0 and was miles ahead. Polly started on 120, last boat away, one wonders how he does it. Roy reached podiminia too, so congratulations those three, not forgetting our RO’s who kept things humorous and efficient, Dayele and Ron..

I think the quotes of the day goes to Ron Bedyn and Graeme Raxworthy. While we were awaiting the start gun, somehow the conversation was about body sizes and someone had mentioned that Ron B was well enhanced, Rons reply was “I’ll last longer in a famine”.Rax’s reply was “You’ll be on the menu”.

Yet again RRS observance was well adhered too, penalties were taken and MANY protest hails were according to the RRS.

Cheers Tom A


Club Racing 19 6 21