Greetings all,

Below are Saturdays race results and a big thank you to Polly and Daniel for a great course that stayed true into the wind all day. The sailing conditions were generally very good, especially after the first couple of heats when the wind settled down a little.

Highlights of the day were the launching of Bob Auton’s brand new CJ, and the attendance of the delightful Caper, who stayed on dry land as far as I could see.

Congratulations on the podium placegetters, 1, J146, 2, Al Ross, 3, Glen Church.

The biggest thankyous go to the sailors who behaved well and exonerated their rules breaches without aggravation. Many protests were hailed correctly and this is very encouraging because they can now be heard as a valid protest.

Here is one of the new RRS rules that Leon forwarded a video of to me, I like it. We all need to learn it because most of us will be Race Officers (Race Committee).


A5.1  A boat that did not start, sail the course or finish, or comply with rule 30.2, 30.3, 30.4 or 78.2, or that retires or takes a penalty under rule 44.3(a), shall be scored accordingly by the race committee without a hearing. Only the protest committee may take other scoring actions that worsen a boats score.

 The Race Committee is given wider powers to worsen a boats score without a protest hearing. So if a boat does not start correctly, misses rounding a mark or sails the course wrong, or finishes incorrectly, the Race Committee can simply score them as a dns, ocs, nsc, dnf or whatever suits the breach. They do not have to warn the offending boat either. The other rules listed are starting penalties and boat validation certificates. Any response by the affected boat would have to be initiated by that boat by lodging a Redress hearing.

So our days of missing a mark and carrying on are over.

Finally……….did you notice that 146 was ahead of 276? tsk tsk, although 276 was very swift to point out that its elapsed time was faster than 146.


Tom A  Sailing Master

Club Racing 12 6 21