We celebrate 125 years of continuous operation at Victoria Lake, Hagley Park.

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Mass fleet sail-by, boats grouped by class 

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Mayor Phil Mauger unveils the 125 year plaque

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Founders Day Trophy race series. Live commentary by Graham Parratt, Glen Church, RodneyFord.
The ceremonial cannon fired to start Founders Day 

Commentator 60 Boats

Winner Bruce Edgar

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We marked this on 17 June 2023. We have written a book about it. ($40, on request)


This book celebrates the 125 years of the Christchurch Model Yacht Club (CMYC) with a focus on the last 25 years. This Club was founded on 27 June 1898, and has continuously operated, with its ups and downs, over this time. There have been many classes of boats sailing on the lake. The historic Committee Minute books of the Club’s first 100 years have been gifted to the Christchurch City Library, for safe keeping in the Archives Department. They are accessible to the CMYC and for the public to view.

The authors:

Hugh Hobden HeadHugh Hobden joined the Club in 1982 and has been an active member for over 40 years. He was elected as Commodore in 2004–2011. He has participated in the many changes and progress of the CMYC as detailed in this book. He is a co-author of the Centenary Book “Victoria Water” that should be read in conjunction with this book. He is one of the founders of the cJ-Class boats.

Ian Scott forewordIan Scott, joined in 1997. He, like most members, had seen model yachts sailing on Lake Victoria and thought it looked fun. This piqued his interested in sailing RC models. The cJ-Class boats were just getting going at the CMYC. He has been an active member over the cJ-Class era. He has written about this in his series of Club newsletters (Victoria & Albert) and he has built many boats.

Rodney Ford ForewordRodney Ford joined in 2016. He was keen to own and sail one of these magnificent photogenic model yachts.  He learned to sail and then started taking photos of the boats with their skippers. This led him to document a photographic story of both the CJCOA and the CMYC, whose home water is Lake Victoria, Hagley Park, Christchurch, New Zealand.