Yachts in the clubroom

Yachts in the club room


The A Class


Was the code name for Euan Sarginson’s proposal to sail a model yacht across Cook Strait to celebrate the centennial. Preparation got under way on the restoration, waterproofing and installation of radio gear for a Highlander A Class. A special cradle, made by Peter Vincent, allowed this heavy model to be lowered from and hauled aboard the accompanying mother yacht. Eventually, on Friday 22 March 1998, Euan Sarginson, Hugh Hobden and William Lee (the owner of Tauwera Il) made their way out of Tory Channel. After an overnight stop, William Fraser was lowered into the water to begin this first attempt to sail a model across the strait.

The day began misty with a lumpy sou’west sea but William Fraser made good progress to windward. Cook Strait Ferries regularly loomed through the gloom but the mist gradually cleared to reveal the distant North Island. The men had several interesting experiences: they were followed by a small shark; they had to negotiate the daily tidal falls of tumbling, broken water; and they gave interviews by cell phone to National Radio.

By 6.00 pm they were in the shadow of Pencarrow Head in calm sunny conditions but an ebb tide forced the model backwards so a decision was made to hoist her aboard and motor into Wellington Harbour where they arrived in the dark to be greeted by friends and Wellington model yachties, feeling well satisfied with the effort.




Canterbury J class no.1 “Shamrock”

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