Saturday sailing 22/08/2020 results from Tom

Greetings all,

Yesterday was racing of a slightly different form than we have been accustomed to, we had an afternoon of ‘teams racing’. A few months ago Rod Liddy suggested we do such an event, so yesterday it happened.

Peter Bradley was RO and I assisted, together we managed to formulate an event that we thought worked out rather well. This was the format.

There were 12 entries, these were assigned into 4 teams of 3 sailors each, our plan was to try and get teams of as even ability as we could.

The teams were:

Team A – Glen Church J 276, Mike Inns J 310, Dayele Hobson J 229.

Team B – Rodney Ford J 284, Hugh Hobden J 2, Lloyd Harman J 241.

Team C – Graham Raxworthy J 333, Cliff Bishop J 269, Ralph Biggs J 303.

Team D – Al Ross J 282, Roy Bickerstaffe J 275, Bob Torrie EC 134.

Casting ones eye over the teams, I would not have betted my lordly pension on who would win…….except that it turned out one team had every member tuned up and on fire.

This is how it worked. Every sailor started together in the mass start for each heat and sailed the course, we took the points from each individual and added them together with their team members to get an overall team score, then allowed 3 discards per team, the team with the lowest points were the winners. It was clear that some members were onto the team racing system when Lloyd asked if it was permissible to use ‘team racing‘ tactics. The answer was yes.

In this summary you can see individual placings and note that for the 7 heats sailed, team C had one of their members in 1st place 5 times, and in heat 7, they finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

I should point out that Hugh (J 2), was not having much luck with his refurbished boat for the first 4 heats, because the jib boom topping lift kept tangling with the spreaders, making it impossible to beat successfully, so, we substituted J20 for the last 3 heats. This move showed flashes of brilliance in that once Hugh rounded the top mark in 1st position. That disreputable boat J276, finally succumbed in the last heat to be a non-starter, as did that pristine craft J20, and EC 134 in heat 4.

RESULTS               H1           H2           H3           H4           H5           H6           H7           total team pts    nett team pts     place

Team A J276      3              6              10           8              2              3              (dns 13)

                J310       8              (11)        11           7              7              9              10

                J229       10           2              8              10           8              (11)        6              163                         128                         3rd

Team B  J284      11           9              4              4              4              10           9

                J2/J20    (12)        (12)        12           11           12           12           (dns 13)

                J241       1              5              7              6              9              2              5              170                         133                         4th

Team C  J333      2              4              1              1              (10)        8              1

                J269       4              1              (9)          5              5              1              2

                J303       6              (10)        2              3              6              7              3              91                           62                           1st

Team D  J282      7              3              5              2              1              4              6

                J275       (9)          7              3              9              (11)        5              8

                EC134    5              8              6              (dnf13) 3              6              4              125                         92                           2nd

The wind was shifty but good strength, and seated right behind us RO’s, were spectators Norm Hill, Ian Scott and Vern Guy. We must comment that their range of conversation topics was vast. Plus it gives me great pleasure to announce we are now 2 weeks of good behaviour.


Tom A SM

New RRS (Racing Rules of Sailing) for 2021-24

New Rules on the way

The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) governs the sport of sailboat and sailboard racing. It is revised and published every four years by World Sailing. The current edition is The RRS 2017-2020.

The RRS for 2021-24 will take effect on 1 January 2021.

Club Memories

Hi Peter , introductions first I guess, I was a member of the club in the early and late 1960’s. My Father ( Nelson Cullen ) was also a member. ( I think I dragged him along.) The clubhouse was originally over the other side of the lake among the trees. The club when I first joined was operating out of that clubhouse, I remember it well.. The history of the club recalls that there was some disquiet among members re: the piles at construction. I remember the piles being absolutely shot and the floor about to cave in plus the walls had holes in them. My yachts were the 4’6″ Dolphin and the marble head class was the “nautical” .. my dad’s Yachts were the 4’6″ Marlin and the Marble head class Victory.. There was of course no radio controlled nonsense in those days , it was all done by sail settings and off you go..  I was a helper at the construction of the new clubhouse .. although the roof was a different design.. the members built the roof with the sides done by a friendly brickie. I see that the roof is now a standard roof .. how did this occur ?? was there a fire ?? And what happened to all the old 4’6″ boats and the marble heads as well. In the history I read of two of the old members .. Jack Spencer and Burt George.. Both lovely Gentlemen .. long deceased sadly. Burt was an Englishman from Cornwall .. I think he was in the Royal Navy in World War 1 .. and came out here in the 20’s .. He had no car just riding a bicycle around.. I remember him telling me that he got the wood to construct his boats from the local dump.. He was a very talented craftsman.. May he rest in Peace.. I can remember spending many hours in the lake with it drained cutting weed.. we never got on top of it .. and don’t expect anyone ever will.


Kind Regards

Paul Cullen


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